Thankful Living  

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm always talking to my own heart about life, why life is felt less as I always look to the success of my friends, we used to play together, school together until the time we had to go through life, respectively.

Several years passed between the many friends who have been successful without so many obstacles to achieve all that success, while I have to undergo a complicated life full of temptations. This view of life like appearance is always the question of questions. Why? what's wrong with the way my life?

I have Also asked a friend nearby "Why can not I like someone else with all of his success?", Without realizing this question makes me feel stupid in front of my friend. He smiled at me and said 'Can we change the destiny assigned to us? "
Look at yourself you really do have more advantages than any of us, but because you never see who you are. My friend said, Do not compare yourself with others, you remain your own self, with all the lines you for your life. Gratitude is the best way that your heart can rest easy without having seen all the success of many others.

Other people are also not necessarily be quiet in his life, we can not see people just outwardly friendly, they also have a myriad of problems, so enjoy your life, live it is, because we do not know what God's plan in our lives ....

I just stopped listening to my close friend said yes ... It needs a lot of thankful living without having to compare with other people.

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