Where is God ?  

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I take this story email from a friend, about the Lord
Hopefully helpful

A customer came to the barber to cut hair and trim his beard.
The barber began cutting hair clients involved and start talking to warm start.
They discuss many things and different variations of the topic for discussion, and topics for discussion as soon move on God.

The barber says, "I do not believe God is there."
"Why do you say so?" responsibility of the consumer.
"Here, try to look in front of you there, on the road .... to realize that God was not there."
"Tell me, if God is there, Is that sick?, Are children neglected?" .
"If God exists, there will be no pain or distress."
"I can not imagine the Merciful God will let this all happen."
The consumers still think for a moment, but does not respond because he does not want to start compete opinion.

The barber finished his work and the place where consumers leave the barber.
Some time after he left the room she saw that there are people in the street with long hair, wavy rough, dirty and not be shaven beard. He looks dirty.

The consumer back to the barber and said,
"You know, actually NO barber."

The barber does not accept, "You can say that I ??"..
"I'm here and I am a barber.
"No!" said in evasion of the consumer.
"Wind does not have the razor, because if there is, there will be no people with dirty long hair and bearded like the people outside there," adding the consumer.
"Ah no, but there is still a barber!", Answered the barber.
"What you see is one of their own, why do not they come to me," answered the barber on the defensive.

"Matches!" Said the consumer agrees.
"That is the main point-it! .. Same with the Lord,

LORD exists, But what happens ...
people do not want to come to him, and did not want to find him.

Therefore, many sick and struck down in this world of woe. "
The barber wonder!

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