Carve The Word of Sacrifice  

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There is one word that I remember when I began to know and understand the meaning of a word, "Life is a Struggle". These words now a question of "Live like what should be fought?".

I do not know what because I only played with his own thoughts or just the narrowness of the way my eyes up to ask about the struggle for life.

Time passed and life goes on without realizing that the struggle is to live life. In that trip I walked the streets are sometimes flat and smooth, sometimes need to be sweating and climbing, sometimes this journey down the slopes of steep slopes, all just a metaphor. Depictions of a word that is the struggle.

In between my trips interrupted saying "This Was the sacrifice" I had to take various trips, the journey is sometimes faced with the choice, to the left or right, take it or not, accept it or not, to act or not?, Not infrequently these options led to a row of smiles and feeling happy, so that not only this self is "proud" even those people around, mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sons and friends were proud. "That is My son... it was my grandson… was my best friend ..he successfully ...

But life could be felt in other words, that "life choice" to select freely determine our own choices, sometimes these choices often fall just because we have to understand the other side of life, that we live not alone ...
Sometimes this choice fell not because the will of the heart, this heart must understand other people, the liver can not be selfish, sometimes the choice fell as mothers, sometimes this option because it must respect the father, sometimes we choose this option for children, for wives, for husbands for the sake of the people we love and love us, sometimes we choose this option for an empty stomach, the choice is really a lot of lives and severe, sometimes accompanied by sweating, sometimes this option aside shame, even this option fall tears ... This is the sacrifice ...

I realized, it said the struggle for life must be accompanied with a sacrifice ...

Only one strong control in the footsteps of life, winding up the trip, only with the words "Genuine". struggle and sacrifice so very light and meaningful. Like mother struggle gave birth to her child weight, blood spilled the baby accompany born heart, a sense of sincerity to make mom smile ... lost all the weight, lost all the weight of the trip just for the sake of the baby...

Make a sincere heart that I could continue on the path of life, although for the sake of all people must choose in life and ... may Allah be noted as a good deed for the stock take another's life more difficult and can not be described with words like this article ...

Let this life carving his own story, although not visible and not everyone is able to read but strike and engraved in the hearts ....

Note the heart at the end of August 2010

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Get Fun At Online Casino  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Something that never make someone sick or the saturation is about entertainment, whatever its form is always a lot of interested persons. For entertainment is also in many ways, there are simply playing with friends, listening to music or go on vacation.

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online casino somewhere that never deserted from the visitors on the internet, anyone can play by following the existing rules of the game, from the time and place of the players can indeed different, but from the side of all those same pleasures, is to get pleasure in the game in one community which have the same hobby.

In a casino website you will find many games, for those of you who are still beginners do not worry you can study and read the instructions the game, so you feel comfortable to learn while playing. Game that many devotees are poker.
Before starting the game, I suggest you try first several guides in the website, if you already feel quite able to play with friends on the Internet, start with a happy heart, you will derive pleasure and satisfaction.

I think you'll get used to own after a few times a game and certainly will try new games like BlackJack.
Ok, good playing.

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