When they sleep...  

Friday, October 31, 2008

Once gazed at the closest person when sleeping.......
If not yet, tried just once to gaze at them when sleeping.

At that time that appeared to be the expression was most natural and most honest from someone.
An artist that when in the stage was so pretty And glamour then could be still appearing plain and far different if she was sleeping. The person was cruellest in the world then if he has slept will not appear his cruel face.

Pay attention to your father when he was sleeping. Realised, how the body that previously solid and strong that is currently increasingly old and frail, how did white hairs begin to illustrate his head, how wrinkles began to be carved on his face. This person that daily worked hard for our welfare, his children. This person that real carried out any from our stomach was full And our education ran smoothly.

Now, changed. See your mother you. His skin began to be wrinkled And the hands that previously soft caressed- caresses the baby's body us, currently rough because forging lived that was hard. This person that daily arranged our requirement. This person that was most hard-working warned And complained to us only because of compassion And love, And unfortunately, that often we were wrong interpreted.

Please gaze at the face of the beloved people... The father, Ms, the Husband, the Wife, the Older Brother, the Brother, the Child, the Friend, All Of Them...

Feel the sensation that emerged afterwards. Feel love energy that flowed to be slow when gazing at the face that is fallen aslip. Feel the love vibration that flowed to be swift when considering really many sacrifices that were carried out by the people for your happiness.

The sacrifice that sometimes was covered by the small misunderstanding that whether why always visible big. Miraculously the Lord arranged so that the sacrifice could appear still through their honest faces when sleeping. The sacrifice that sometimes tired but was reluctant to be revealed by them. And the face expression when sleep then expressed all of them.

Without words, without the voice he said... "How tired is me Today". And the tired cause? For who he tired ? Actually was us. The husband who worked hard to seek a living, the wife who worked hard to arrange And educate the child, arranged the house. The older brother, the brother, the child, And the friend that passed days liked And the sorrow with us.

Think about sweet and bitter memories that had happened by gazing at their faces. Felt how the happiness And feeling instantly went out if remembering all that.

Imagine what will happen if tomorrow their Day "the dearest people" still do not open his eyes, forever...

Imagine what will happen if tomorrow they "the dearest people" still do not open Their eyes, forever...

I took from the email of a friend.

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