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Saturday, September 18, 2010

When my mother visited, he invited me to go shopping with him because he needed a new dress. I did not really want to shop at the time, and I'm not the one who patiently, but even so we also went to the shopping center. We visited each store that provides women dress, and my mother tried to dress after dress, and restore everything.

As the days passed, I was getting tired and my mother I began to get frustrated, finally at the last store we visited, Mother I tried a new set of beautiful blue dress consists of three strands, there is a kind of strap on her blouse at the neck edge, and because of lack of patience I, then for this time I go in and stood with my mother I was in the dressing room.

I saw how he tried to dress it, and with difficulty trying to tie the rope, it turns out his hands already crippled by arthritis and therefore he could not do, once my lack of patience is replaced by a deep compassion for him.

I turned away and tried to hide the tears that came out without my knowing it, after I get peace anymore, I went back into the locker room to tie the rope dress, this dress is so beautiful, and she bought it.

Our shopping trip has ended, but the incident can not be engraved and forgotten from my memory, for the rest of the day, thought I fixed it back on while flying in the dressing room, and I imagine my mother's hand that was trying to tie blouse, both hands full of affection, which never fed I, my bathing, dressing, caressing and hugging I, and first of all, pray to Me, now that hand has touched the hearts I'm in the most impression on my heart.

Later in the afternoon, I went into Mother's room, taking her hand, kiss her ... And that made him surprised with informed him that, to me these hands are the hands of the most beautiful in the world.

I am very thankful that the Lord has made I can see with new eyes, just how valuable and precious love full sacrifice of a mother, I can only pray that one day my hands and my heart will have its natural beauty own.

This world has many wonders, all God's creation is so great and really beautiful, but none can match the beauty of my mother's hand ...

With Love to All Mother

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